Woman faces 11 charges in crash that killed 8-year-old boy

A woman accused of leading police on a chase through South Fulton County and causing a crash that killed an 8-year-old boy faces 11 charges, including murder.

Police said in court Thursday that Ana Bolton, 21, was going 120 mph during a chase June 27, Channel 2 Action News reported. Bolton was allegedly driving 70 mph when she hit a family of five, including 8-year-old Jamaris Davis.

Davis was on life support for two days before he died, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

Wendy Mack, Davis’ mom, sat in court as police testified at the preliminary hearing. She told Channel 2 she planned to be at every court date.

“Every day I cry, but I don’t like to cry in front of my son,” Mack said. “He says, ‘Momma, it’s going to be all right.’ I don’t think he should be sad and depressed over something he didn’t cause.”

Atlanta police say Bolton stole a Dodge Challenger from a gas station before the accident. They alerted other police departments about the alleged stolen car, which was spotted by East Point police on Camp Creek Parkway with Bolton inside.

Police didn’t immediately pull the car over, East Point Capt. Cliff Chandler said, but instead followed closely. The car sped off when the people inside noticed the police following them, he said. The car eventually crashed into the family’s car.

Detective Robert Gray testified that Bolton slammed into the back of Mack’s Chevy Malibu as it was stopped at a traffic light, Channel 2 reported. Bolton did not brake, he said.

Mack, her husband and two other sons sustained injuries. Davis was the only one who died.

Following the accident, Mack was critical of the police: “She should have never been chased. The law is put there to protect and serve.”

East Point police said officers operated within their chase policy.

A judge said there is probable cause to indict Bolton on all 11 charges, which include murder, homicide by vehicle and driving on an expired license, Channel 2 reported.

Mack told Channel 2 she continues to keep her son’s spirit with her.

“What keeps me smiling and keeps me going are the memories that we had together,” she said.