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Woman arrested after road-rage fight in Johns Creek claims she’s the victim

Dorothy Thompson
Dorothy Thompson

A March “road-rage fight” in which one woman allegedly shattered another driver’s windshield resulted in her arrest.

Now she’s claiming to be the victim, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Dorothy Thompson was arrested on charges of criminal trespass and terroristic acts after she was involved in a driving dispute on State Bridge Road in Johns Creek. She allegedly asked the other driver to roll down her window, used profane language and followed her when she tried to get away, police said. Thompson also allegedly threw something out of her window, cracking the windshield of the other vehicle.

The accuser got the license plate number at the time of the incident. That led to Thompson’s arrest May 23.

Thompson’s attorney told Channel 2 that his client is the actual victim, and the accuser followed Thompson and cut her off with her car. He said Thompson didn’t throw anything at the other woman’s car.

Thompson was released May 24 on a $15,000 bond for the terroristic acts charge and a $5,000 bond for the criminal trespass charge, online jail records show.

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