WATCH: Lawrenceville woman accused of pepper-spraying police officer

Credit: Hall County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Hall County Sheriff's Office

A Lawrenceville woman was arrested after pepper-spraying a Gainesville police officer, authorities said.

The officer was called to the 3000 block of McEver Road around noon Friday in reference to an "aggressive trespasser" on the property of Free Chapel, Gainesville police said in a Facebook post.

Body camera footage released by the department shows the officer approach the woman, who was lying on the lawn next to a stroller full of her belongings.

The woman, who identified herself as 39-year-old Tia McReynolds, sat up to speak with the officer, who noticed she had a lanyard with pepper spray attached to it, police said.

Police said the woman stood up and reached for the pepper spray before aiming it at the officer and spraying him in the left eye and right arm.

The officer, who backed away from the woman before she sprayed him, attempted to use his Taser on her, but missed.

At that point, the officer ran up to McReynolds, took her to the ground and handcuffed her, the footage shows.

The officer, who was not identified, was treated and returned to work the next day, police said.

“We are fortunate that everyone involved was not severely injured and we commend our officer for his quick response to an unexpected incident,” Gainesville police said in the Facebook post.

Reynolds is charged with one count of battery and one count of obstruction of an officer. She remains in the Hall County jail with a $7,400 bond, records show.

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