Viral video shows woman confronting shopper she claims stole her money

A woman shopping at a clothing store in Tennessee sprang into action after she claimed another shopper stole money from her purse.

Cellphone video shows a woman being surrounded by customers in the Rainbow clothing store in Frayser.

In the video, the woman is accused of stealing $400 from another woman's purse.

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The woman whose money was stolen is seen in the video holding the woman's purse and her arm, while calling 911.

Because of some of the language in the video, WHBQ has muted it completely.

At one point the victim asks another woman to hold her phone so she can better grip the woman until police arrive.

The woman accused of stealing appears to hand money to the accuser, who counts it to make sure it’s all there. The video captures the alleged thief walking out of the store.

Shopper Kinson Fant said she does not blame the victim for taking matters into her own hands.

"The lady had told her to hold her phone so she felt that it was going to get drastic or it was going to get real crucial. Then her boyfriend or whoever... he didn't have nothing to say,” Fant said.

WHBQ asked Memphis police about this incident, and they released this statement:

"The victim in this case is lucky that she was able to recover her money and was unharmed. Incidents don’t always end like this. We encourage people to not take matters into their own hands and risk life and limb over something that can be replaced. Being a great witness gives the opportunity to prevent these types of events from happening to others and lessens the risk associated with physical intervention."

Memphis police said no report was made on the incident.