Substitute teacher charged after incident at Newton County elementary school

A former Newton County substitute teacher is facing charges after she allegedly fought with an elementary school principal about her cellphone, she told Channel 2 Action News.

Trimecia Debrantae Boyd of Covington is charged with terroristic threats and acts, jail records show. She was booked into the Newton County Jail on April 25.

The charges stem from an April 10 incident at South Salem Elementary School, according to a police report obtained by An officer was sent to the school “to talk with the principal on a matter,” the report said.

School district officials and police did not disclose the details of the incident, but Boyd told Channel 2 it started as an argument over her cellphone. She told the news station the principal told her to get off her phone while on the job.

The two exchanged words, and the principal hurled insults at her, Boyd contends. Then, the principal refused to pay her for the day, Boyd told Channel 2.

Boyd claims she said: “If you don’t pay me, there’s going to be some issues,” the news station reported. Then, she went home.

“She was not threatened, ever,” Boyd said.

The next week, she said she was placed under arrest.

In a statement, Newton County schools spokeswoman Sherri Davis said the school district is aware of the incident.

“The substitute displayed inappropriate behavior and ultimately charges were filed. She no longer serves as a substitute with our school system,” Davis said.