Some potential jurors: I don’t believe Tex McIver

The latest: The process of selecting jurors to decide the fate of Tex McIver, accused of intentionally shooting his wife in Sept. 2016, plodded along Tuesday with a little more than half of the citizens questioned so far excused for cause. While some have been sent home due to hardship, most were excused because they exhibited a clear bias against McIver. Many said they don't believe the 75-year-old's claim that he shot wife Diane accidentally.

The numbers: Forty-two prospective jurors must be qualified from the pool, from which 12 jurors and four alternates will be selected. As of noon Tuesday, 20 jurors from the first pool of 48 remain eligible to serve.

Quotable: "It would be difficult for me to believe it was an accident," said Juror 32, the director of a local preschool. "I grew up around hunting with my family. It was just not that easy to shoot a gun, to me. You had to think about it. You had to pull the trigger. "

What's next: The second pool of 48 citizens will be brought in following a lunch break. Questioning of that group is likely to continue into Wednesday.

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