Robber to Buckhead victim: Been watching you for weeks

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The local artist was held at gunpoint inside her home.

Artist Stacy Atwood was making jewelry for her gallery exhibition Friday night in her Buckhead home when her cat looked at her.

“He looked up at the door and looked back over at me and back at the door,” she told Channel 2 Action News. “I looked and I saw my back door was open.”

She got up and got as far as her bathroom door before she saw a man with a gun.

He said he had been watching her for weeks.


“He put the gun to my head, grabbed the Taser out of my hand, put me down on the ground right here all the way down on the floor,” she said, “and asked me, ‘Don’t look at my face or I will shoot you in the head.’”

After he dragged her into the living room, she gave the robber her iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

“He says, ‘Oh, you make jewelry,’ and I said yes I am an artist and he said, ‘Well, I am sorry, hard times you know.’”

She remarked that she’s living in hard times, too.

The man then said, “Stop crying, I am not going to hurt you.”

He told her to sit in a chair and count to 10. She did. He left.

And she now has no sense of security.

“I never thought,” she said, “that something like this would happen."

In other news:

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For a little over a month, investigators have been working several tips and leads but had no luck finding the suspects, until this week.????