Report: Man punches cop after spraying air freshener at Walmart shoppers

A man in Iowa is accused of causing a commotion at a Walmart and assaulting a police officer.

The incident took place Saturday in Des Moines.

When store employees reported to an off-duty police officer that John DelFranco, 43, was spraying air freshener at customers, breaking bottles and charging at staff, the officer approached the man and tried to question him. DelFranco refused to answer questions and comply with the officer's orders, according to KCCI. At one point, he formed his left hand into a gun and pointed it at the officer.

As the officer attempted to arrest DelFranco, the man punched the officer in the side of the head and pushed him into a refrigerated case, police said. It took several Walmart employees to pull the man off the officer.

DelFranco was arrested and charged with assault on a peace officer, disorderly conduct and interference with official acts.