Mother of murdered infant twins survives, makes 911 call after shooting

911 calls reveal a sixth person got away from the house where a murder-suicide in Oceanway devastated a family on Friday.

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The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Gawain Rushane Wilson, who was known as "Rush," shot his girlfriend Megan Hiatt, their 5-month old twin girls Hayden and Kayden, and Hiatt's father Travis "Jimmy" Hiatt before turning the gun on himself.

That young mother was the sole survivor of the tragic murder-suicide and even called 911 herself.

“My ex-boyfriend shot me, my twins, my dad and my best friend. Please come!” Megan Hiatt told the 911 operator.

Megan Hiatt didn’t know it at the time, but her friend was safe and had already called 911 as well.

She told the 911 operator she and Megan Hiatt's father were helping her move out when Wilson came home early.

“I heard my friend, she was screaming. And her dad was packing up stuff in the truck and he heard her screaming so he went inside and I heard her scream, 'Dad, don't come in here!' And then the shots went off and I saw her father go down,” she told the 911 operator.

She said she heard six gunshots and ran to a neighbor's house to take cover.

"She was crying, frantic, real nervous," said Steven Green, the neighbor who answered the door.

Green said he stepped out to see if anyone was outside after the 911 operator told Hiatt's friend not to go back to the house.

“I was just standing out there, just waiting on the police to come. Then I heard her yelling, 'Help! Help!' It was real low but I could hear it though because the doors and stuff were open back there,” said Green.

Surrounded by the bodies of her loved ones, Megan Hiatt managed to get to a phone and call 911.

“My ex-boyfriend shot me, my twins, my dad and my best friend. Please come!” she told the 911 operator. “My dad is sitting here bleeding out, I’m bleeding out, and I think my best friend is bleeding out, and my kids are dead."

You can hear the moment when police get there while she's still on the phone with 911:

Hiatt: "Help!"
911: "Ma'am –"
Hiatt: "I'm right here at the top!"
Police: "Where?"
Hiatt: "Right here! I need an ambulance. Everybody's dead."

A family friend said Megan Hiatt had to have three surgeries and lost an eye because she was shot in the head.