Model, friend found dead in Buckhead apartment

She turned heads wherever she went and her photographs rarely needed editing. But Summer Moss was more than just a pretty face, a friend said Monday.

She was kind and comforting, always there when a friend needed help. In recent months, Moss and a roommate, Katherine Green, seemed closer than ever, Chucky Kahng told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But late last week, the two women were found dead inside a Buckhead apartment. Inside, investigators found drugs, evidence the women possibly died from overdoses, according to an Atlanta police report.

“I don’t think there was any malicious intent. I don’t think they were trying to harm themselves,” Kahng, an Atlanta photographer, said Monday. “I don’t think that’s it at all. They loved life, and they loved people. This was clearly an accident.”

On Thursday night, the women’s roommate called police to report that Moss, 31, and Green, 27, were unresponsive. Moss was in a bathroom with her leg propped against the door’s frame, and she was holding a purple straw with a white, powdery substance in her hand, according to the police report. Green was found about six feet away on the bedroom floor with a white blanket pulled up to her neck, police said.

On the bathroom counter, investigators found two wrapped balls of a white, powdery substance, along with a pink container of pills and suspected marijuana also wrapped in plastic, according to police.

“Hopefully, people can learn from this,” Kahng said. “As friends, maybe we could’ve done something more.”

Kahng said he’d known Moss for about 10 years and met Green in recent years after she moved to Atlanta from Texas.

“Both of these girls were fantastic,” he said.

Funeral arrangements for the women had not been finalized late Monday.