Man tries to pass off Pop-Tart as cocaine to undercover cop

Pop-Tarts will give you a sugar high but that's about it. Someone should probably tell that to one wannabe drug dealer. 

Police in Halifax, North Carolina arrested 30-year-old Cameron Mitchell after they say he tried selling a bag of crushed up Pop-Tarts that was supposed to be crack cocaine to an undercover officer.

According to the Daily Mail, officers say Mitchell was making a delivery to a convenience store when he offered his special mix of drugs to an undercover agent. Authorities field-tested the powder and found no trace of drugs but a lot of sugary goodness found in the popular breakfast pastry.

Mitchell admitted to crushing up the corners of Pop-Tarts and trying to pass it off as cocaine because he needed the money. 

He was arrested and faces charges of selling or delivering a counterfeit controlled substance and creating a counterfeit controlled substance.

Mitchell's court date is set for Oct. 1.