LATEST: Man gets bond after alleged road-rage incident puts driver in ICU

After a road rage incident in Spalding County, two men pulled over and got out of their cars. 

At least one of those men really regrets getting out of his vehicle, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Travis Abbott said Christopher Futch attacked him with an iron rod, and he suffered broken bones, a fractured eye socket, damage to his nasal cavity and a busted right eardrum, Channel 2 reported.

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“I won’t do it again,” Abbott told the news station. “(If) somebody tells me to pull over, I’m going to keep going.”

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Travis Abbott was hit with a steel bar during a road-rage incident in Spalding County. Photo: Channel 2 Action News
Christopher Futch. Photo: Channel 2 Action News

Futch is accused of running Abbott off the road as they traveled south on Tara Boulevard in July. He faces aggravated battery and aggravated assault charges.

He had his bond hearing Monday and received a $30,000 bond, Channel 2 reported.

However, Abbott told the news station he wasn’t told the bond hearing was happening, so he wasn’t able to attend.

“I would have shown up and asked for a higher amount no matter what it was,” Abbott said.

The Spalding County District Attorney’s office told Channel 2 a victim’s advocate called Abbott and left a message about the hearing, but Abbott said he never got it.

Futch bonded out on Friday, the news station reported.

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