Man allegedly swindled $2M from Sandy Springs woman

Mabasa Nhekairo (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

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Mabasa Nhekairo (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

A man is in jail after he was accused of swindling an 83-year-old Sandy Springs woman out of almost $2 million, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The victim thought she was hiring Mabasa Nhekairo of Acworth as a financial planner, Sandy Springs police Sgt. Sam Worsham told the news station.

“Over the course of approximately 10 years, our victim had been funneling money to Mr. Nhekairo,” Worsham said.

Police began to investigate in December after they were alerted to the situation.

Worsham said the suspect often texted the woman to ask for more money.

"At one time he sent her a request for over $30,000,” Worsham said, “but asked her to deposit it in $10,000 increments over three months.”

The woman told police that Nhekairo had spent all of her money.

“... all of Mr. Nhekairo's income was solely from our victim,” Worsham said. “He didn't have any other outside source of income.”

Nhekairo’s daughter told Channel 2 her father is indeed a financial planner. She thinks the woman is making her father out to be something he’s not because she didn’t get the returns she wanted.

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