Mall bomb threat 911 calls released; suspect charged

Alpharetta authorities released the recordings of three 911 calls they say were made by the man accused of a hoax bomb threat against a mall.

Omari Glenn Riden, 28, was arrested Friday and charged with making terroristic threats (a felony), making a false alarm, and making a false 911 report.

Riden made two calls Friday morning to emergency lines in Alpharetta: first to report that there was a bomb at North Point Mall, then to confirm that the mall had been evacuated, police said.

In the recordings, released Monday night, the caller repeatedly told the dispatcher that he had a bomb in a book bag at the mall. He would not describe the bag or give his exact location.

In the first two calls, he talked about his family.

“I lost my family — I lost my wife, my kids, everything — and I don’t have nothing left, so I’m (going to) take something out with me,” he said in the second call.

In the final recording, the caller asks, “Did you get everybody out that mall?” and said the bomb was going to go off in the next hour.

The shopping facility – more than 1 million square feet – was closed down for nearly five hours as shoppers and employees were kept out to allow local and federal law enforcement to search for explosive devices.

Investigators tracked Riden and arrested him. He is being held on $41,000 bond at the North Fulton Jail Annex in Alpharetta.