Inmate seen using Fulton County jail key to open cells, authorities say

An inmate got a hold of a Fulton County Jail key, which the inmate was seen on video using to unlock other inmates’ cells, authorities said.

The surveillance video hasn’t been released, since it’s an ongoing investigation by Fulton County deputies, but Lt. Col. Adam Lee III told Channel 2 Action News the inmate obtained the key a few weeks ago.

The key was found in one of the inmate’s cells a few days after it went missing, Channel 2 reported. It hasn’t been determined how the inmate got the key or how long he or she had it.

“I’m hoping that it was just a human error as opposed to someone deliberately allowing an inmate to get a hold of one of the keys,” Lee told the news station.

Jail officials were already in the process of installing a new key management system to help monitor where cell door keys are at all times.

“It’s going to create a more safe environment for us, and we won’t have to be concerned about missing keys anymore,” Lee said.

The new system is expected to be up and running within the next three weeks, Lee told Channel 2.

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