Grinstead’s family ‘thankful, relieved, satisfied’ by Duke indictment

Grinstead’s family ‘thankful, relieved, satisfied’ by Duke indictment

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Ryan Alexander Duke, inset photo, was indicted with murder Wednesday in the 2005 death of Tara Grinstead.

Tara Grinstead’s older sister said Wednesday’s indictment of Ryan Alexander Duke brings her family one step closer to justice.

Anita Gattis released the following written statement regarding the latest news in her sister’s case:

“Thankful, relieved, satisfied, anxious, comforted ….. these are just a few of the emotions that I feel at this time. The indictment of Ryan Alexander Duke by the Irwin County grand jury this morning gives me hope; hope that Tara will finally get the justice she deserves. But what my sister deserves more than anything, is to still be alive!!! She should be a breathing human who is living her life to the fullest, making all of her dreams come true, teaching with the passion that she had for her job, caring deeply for her students, being a sister, an aunt and a friend. She should not have been the victim of this heinous crime!! I have some sense of peace that the grand jury felt (the same) way after they examined the case presented by the district attorney. This have been an unbelievable journey of struggle and despair for Tara’s family over the last 11 plus years. We now have to prepare for the next phase of the judicial process, which could be long and drawn out. I would personally like to thank everyone (whether they knew Tara personally or have only known about her since October of 2005), for the love, support and prayers that have been extended to my husband, Larry, our son Gabe and me as well. We’ve never felt alone because so many have stood with us as we sought justice for Tara.”

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