Forgotten hats trigger violent club brawl

The video of two men beating another man nearly unconscious outside of an Albuquerque nightclub has gone viral. Authorities say they have uncovered the catalyst for the violent attack.

Forgotten hats.

KOAT reports that the victim, Jose Macias, was at Knockouts gentlemen's club with a friend. After they left the club, they realized they had left their hats behind. But the bouncers would only let one of them re-enter the club to retrieve the hats. While his friend went back into the club for the hats, the victim admits he became "mouthy" with the bouncers while waiting outside.

Knockouts bouncers John Hunter, 37, and Jeremy Kramer, 36, are accused of beating Macias, which included a kick directly to the head. The pair has been charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm.

For Macias, the night continued to go downhill. Just minutes after the brawl with the bouncers, he was beaten a second time. Police are still investigating that incident.

Knockouts management declined to comment on the case.