JUST IN: Firefighter terminated after allegedly stealing from site of house fire

A Coweta County firefighter who confessed to stealing a gun silencer from the site of a house fire is “no longer affiliated with the department,” officials said.

Logan Bowden, 23, was terminated Tuesday, the same day he surrendered to authorities on several charges, Coweta County Fire Rescue Chief Deron Wilson said.

Bowden was one of the firemen who responded to a Jan. 29 house fire on Cannon Road, sheriff’s spokesman Col. James Yarbrough told AJC.com.

While at the scene, he encountered a rifle outfitted with a silencer.

“And he removed it and pocketed it,” Yarbrough said.

The homeowner later noticed the silencer was missing when he found the gun.

“The gun wasn’t burned up,” Yarbrough said. “The homeowner shoots that gun regularly, and he knew he left (the silencer) on there.”

The homeowner reportedly bought the silencer from a local gun shop. It is valued at about $1,600.

Yarbrough said the sheriff’s office learned the item was missing and interviewed Bowden and other firefighters about its whereabouts. Bowden initially denied taking it, according to investigators. He confessed once evidence starting piling up against him, Yarbrough said.

Bowden was put on administrative leave after information about his alleged involvement emerged.

"The public trust is vitally important to Coweta County, and we have a code of ethics that does not tolerate this type of behavior," Wilson said.

Bowden is being held at the Coweta County Jail on $3,000 bond. He is charged with theft by taking, making false statements and violating his oath of office.

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