FBI: Man threw pretzel bag, groped woman on Delta flight to Atlanta

A man faces federal charges after authorities say he assaulted and groped a woman on a Delta Air Lines flight to Atlanta last year.

William Charles Pelletier, 35, of Andover, Maine, faces abusive sexual contact charges after officials say he attacked a female passenger Nov. 10 on a flight from Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S. Attorney B.J. Pak said in a statement.

Pelletier was indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury.

The FBI and Atlanta police investigated the case.

Several passengers on the flight said Pelletier “was verbally abusive and unruly during the flight,” Pak said.

“As passengers were preparing for landing, Pelletier threw a pretzel bag at the female passenger seated directly in front of him,” Pak said.

The woman initially ignored Pelletier. But seconds later, Pak said, she felt Pelletier reach around her seat and put his cupped hand on her breast.

“This conduct is unacceptable, and anyone who chooses to act in this manner will be prosecuted,” Pak said. “Citizens deserve to feel protected from sexual assault and should not have to fear this happening to them while traveling.”

A passenger seated next to Pelletier said he witnessed the assault and asked a flight attendant to call police.

Pelletier was arrested in Atlanta after the flight arrived.

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