UPDATE: Suspect in girlfriend’s ‘suspicious death’ now faces murder charge

Antonio Taylor

Credit: East Point Police Department

Credit: East Point Police Department

Antonio Taylor

The suspect in the “suspicious death” of his girlfriend has been charged with murder, East Point police said Thursday.

Aisha Dixon, 37, died Monday morning at Grady Memorial Hospital, East Point Deputy Chief Russell Popham said.

“It’s a domestic violence incident and we’re just trying to put the facts together right now,” he told AJC.com.

Dixon’s boyfriend, 53-year-old Antonio Taylor, was identified as a suspect in the woman’s death and arrested Monday, police said. He is being held in the East Point City Jail.

Popham said police were called to Grady about 4 a.m. Monday by doctors in the emergency room. It’s unclear where the woman was injured or who took her to the hospital.

DeKalb County police said officers are working to determine if any part of Dixon’s alleged attack took place within their jurisdiction.

“We can’t say too much more,” Popham said. “We obviously know there was an act of domestic violence. We got a lady dead, we have a suspect and we’re starting to build the case.”

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