Drivers warned to use locks after 111 wheel thefts

Drivers may want to consider protecting what’s outside their car as much as they do what’s in it.

At least 111 wheel tire thefts have been reported in metro Atlanta, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Bill Rimmer, a veteran mechanic, told the news station it takes two minutes to remove a set of tires from a car.

His solution: lug nut locks.

“I suggest if you live where all of these are getting stolen you start putting locks on,” Rimmer told Channel 2. “That’s what I would do. If that doesn’t work you get car alarm. [That] would be my last resort.”

The locks go on your tires and come with a key. Rimmer told the news station drivers should keep the key in their trunk since most criminals would think to look in the glove box.

Rimmer said he doesn’t know why wheels are being stolen, but protecting them would more than likely stop a criminal from trying.