DeKalb jailer suspected in hit-and-run crash

A hit-and-run victim wants to know why no charges have been filed in an accident that happened nine days ago.

Rebecca Thomas said her car was sideswiped Nov. 23 at the intersection of Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and Northside Drive, according to a police report.

Thomas said when she confronted the driver, “He just kept saying: ‘You hit me, you hit me,’” Channel 2 Action News reported.

An officer arrived on the scene and asked the two to move out of the intersection so another could file the report. But as soon as the responding officer left, the driver also left, according to the report.

Thomas didn’t get the man’s name or license plate, but she was able to take a picture of his face and his DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office decal.

The man has worked as a DeKalb County jailer since 2009, according to records obtained by Channel 2. He had been on personal leave for several weeks.

Thomas said sheriff’s office authorities refused to release the man’s name to Atlanta police, Channel 2 reported. When police finally got in touch with the jailer, he said he didn’t remember the accident.

“But he gave up his insurance information to get my car fixed,” Thomas said.

Atlanta police are continuing their investigation, Channel 2 reported, but DeKalb County authorities said they don’t plan to do an internal investigation.