Cops: Man hid infant daughter on car floorboard on top of stolen handgun in Gwinnett

Snellville police said a father was driving on Scenic Highway with his 3-month-old daughter on his lap, and when he was pulled over, officers said what they found in his car was much more troubling.

Detavis Madison, 24, of Conyers, allegedly put his infant on the floorboard of his car during the traffic stop and told officers there wasn’t anyone else in the vehicle, Channel 2 Action News reported.

However, when police looked through his car, found her and lifted her up, the officers said they found a stolen handgun beneath the baby, Channel 2 reported.

When they continued their search, they allegedly found marijuana and at least 500 ecstasy pills in the shape of Lego characters, the news station reported.

“This is obviously a dangerous situation for that baby on many fronts,” Snellville police Lt. John Tainter told Channel 2. “We are just glad it turned out for the best.”

Police told the news station the infant was given to her mother after her father was taken to jail, where he remains without bond.

Madison faces 10 charges, including possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, transporting a child in a passenger vehicle without a restraining system, and multiple theft and drug offenses, jail records show.

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