Cops: Georgia woman pointed shotgun at deputy, threatened to kill family members

Tammy Lee Williamson

Credit: Carroll County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Carroll County Sheriff's Office

Tammy Lee Williamson

A Carroll County woman faces felonies after being accused of pointing a shotgun at her 77-year-old mother and a deputy during a domestic incident.

Tammy Lee Williamson, 56, of Bowdon, was arrested Friday on two counts of aggravated assault after the incident, which started with her threatening to kill family members, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

Deputy Dakota Blackwelder was dispatched to a house off Dot Road after the sheriff’s office was called about a domestic dispute, the release said. Blackwelder met with Williamson’s mother when he arrived at the scene.

While the two talked, Williamson walked out onto a nearby porch while holding a 12-gauge shotgun, pointing it directly at her mother and the deputy, the release said. Blackwater pulled out his gun and ordered Williamson to drop the shotgun as her mother pleaded, “Don’t do it.”

Williamson complied and was arrested on the felony charges, the release said.

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Blackwater later learned that Williamson allegedly threatened to kill other family members earlier in the day at another location, prompting the family to put away their guns to keep them from her. It’s unclear how she obtained the shotgun.

The release added that the woman was intoxicated during the incident and has a history of domestic violence.

“We are very thankful this situation had a peaceful ending, but as emotions run high during the Shelter in Place Order, the situations our Deputies are facing are even more dangerous than ever before, as this call could have resulted in the death and or injuries of all those involved,” the release said.

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Williamson remained in the Carroll County Jail on Monday night without bond, according to online jail records.

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