Ex-clerk who stole from inmates’ accounts to serve time in same jail

Ex-clerk who stole from inmates’ accounts to serve time in same jail

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Trina Banks Burtch (Credit: Hall County Sheriff's Office)
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  • A former clerk will spend six months in the jail where she worked.
  • Trina Burtch was sentenced to six years under the Georgia First Offender Act.
  • If she completes probation, a conviction will not appear on her record. 

A former Hall County jail clerk has been sentenced for taking money out of inmates’ accounts, officials said.

Trina Banks Burtch, 48, of Gainesville, was charged with 14 counts of transaction card theft.

She has worked out a deal in which she will serve six months of a six-year sentence in the same jail where she used to work, according to court records.

After she is released, Burtch will be on probation for three years, the court disposition states. 

If she successfully completes probation, Burtch will have her conviction cleared in accordance with the First Offender Act, which is a law that allows some first-time offenders to enter a plea of guilty or nolo contendere without being convicted. 

Part of her probation requirement is 40 hours of community service that may not be served in any part of the criminal justice system or among the elderly. Burtch must also pay $2,550 in fines.

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