Clayton woman charged with elder neglect after bedridden husband dies

A Clayton County woman is behind bars after police say she left her husband malnourished, dehydrated and lying in his own waste before he died in their Forest Park home.

Cheryl Maynard, 58, is charged with neglect to an elderly or disabled person after failing to adequately care for her bedridden husband, Phillip Maynard, who died earlier this year, according to Channel 2 Action News.

Gary Cantrell, who lived next door for nearly 40 years, said Phillip Maynard was a sick man who had been bedridden for months.

“The first week of August was the last time I saw him and he couldn’t get out of bed then,” Cantrell said.

Cantrell told Channel 2 Cheryl Maynard would leave home for days, knowing her husband couldn’t care for himself.

“Well, sometimes she would buy groceries,” Cantrell said. “Go in there and put it on his bed. He was surrounded by food just lying there. She’d be gone for two or three days at a time.”

The neighbor said she’d be gone for as many as five days at a time, before returning with a truck load of people.

“She would throw parties at the home, while her husband was in bed,” he said. “You don’t leave people in that condition alone.”

Cheryl Maynard told Forest Park officers she noticed a sore on her husband while bathing him in October, but by the time she took her husband to the hospital, he was in serious condition.

Doctors told detectives they found serious and life-threatening bedsores on Phillip Maynard.

Clayton County Judge Beatrice Scott set a $15,000 bond for Cheryl Maynard.