Marietta revokes business license where woman allegedly posed as dentist

Credit: � 2018 Cox Media Group. Photo: Bob Andres, AJC

Credit: � 2018 Cox Media Group. Photo: Bob Andres, AJC

The City of Marietta revoked the business license Tuesday for the office where a woman allegedly worked as a dentist, despite having no formal training.

The license for County Dental Providers, owned by Krista Szewczyk, is suspended for 90 days, effective at 5 p.m., according to the city’s business license division. The business did not have a license to do dental work, but a licensed dentist told the city he’s worked at the office since April. And, investigators believe Szewczyk performed dental work in the office, located near the Marietta Square.

Previous orders to shut down the business were ignored, according to documents obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Szewczyk, 47, has been charged in both Paulding and Cobb counties with practicing dentistry without a license. She previously ran a dental office in Dallas, but later moved County Dental to Marietta.



On Aug. 23, Szewczyk was arrested after a Paulding grand jury indicted her on 48 counts, including 40 counts of practicing dentistry without a license, three counts of writing unlawful prescriptions, one count of forgery and three counts of insurance fraud. Following that arrest, investigators in both Paulding and Cobb counties have received numerous tips from other potential victims.

Meanwhile, Szewczyk bonded out of jail and returned to work. But on Aug. 28 and again on Sept. 4, Marietta officials notified County Dental that the business license was being revoked, documents state.

On Thursday, Szewczyk was again arrested, this time in Cobb, after investigators searched both her Paulding home and the Marietta office. Boxes were removed from the home and a computer was taken from the County Dental Providers office. But Szewczyk was not seen at either place.

At noon, Cobb County deputies arrested Szewczyk for driving with an expired tag, the Cobb Sheriff's Office said. That's when deputies saw Szewczyk's warrant and she was booked into jail. She was charged with practicing dentistry without a license, her jail record showed, and she was later released on $5,000 bond.

County Dental’s license referred to the business as “management consultants,” according to Marietta officials. But the office employed a licensed dentist.

State records show Szewczyk has no professional license and is not a dental hygienist.