Police: Guardian tells 2 stories about how 3-year-old boy died

Kejuan Mason hadn’t been breathing for a while by the time police arrived at a southwest Atlanta home Saturday.

The 3-year-old was tired after eating a cupcake and went to sleep. When guardian Glenndria Morris went to check on him, he was “not breathing or responsive.”

That was one version of events Morris told police when they asked her what happened, according to a police report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

She and her sister, Lashirley Morris, are facing murder charges in the child’s death.

Glenndria Morris is in the Fulton County jail. Police are still searching for Lashirley Morris. It is not known if she made arrangements to turn herself in.

A Grady paramedic was giving Mason CPR when Atlanta police arrived at the “roach-infested home” on the 500 block of Cleveland Avenue regarding a person-injured call. Mason was later taken to Atlanta Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

When cops asked Glenndria Morris what happened, she gave two different stories.

She first told police she gave Mason — and four other children inside the home — a cupcake and that he began choking on it, The AJC previously reported. Morris said she and a man named Hurbert Morris gave the boy CPR and that first responders took too long to arrive.

Glenndria Morris later “changed her story” and said Mason was choking on the cupcake, but it was removed and that he was “fine breathing and talking later,” according to the report.

Morris said a tired Mason went to sleep later, but he was unresponsive when they checked on him, according to the report.

When he didn’t wake up, they called 911.

But as detectives prodded, Atlanta police said Glenndria Morris and her sister “did not want to cooperate” and refused to give police the name and number of Mason’s mother.

The Division of Family and Children Services is also investigating the case.

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