After 2 years, man charged with pulling gun over Sprint phone upgrade denial

Donte Williams made quite an impression on employees at the Sprint store on Alpharetta Highway in Roswell when he asked for a phone upgrade.

Donte Williams
Photo: Fulton County Sheriff's Office

It was not the kind of impression that the employees or Roswell police regarded highly, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Employee Stephan Black recalls the 2016 incident.

“Customer went into the store,” he said. “He tried to upgrade his cellphone (and) cellphone service, and he was ultimately denied by the employees of the upgrade."

Roswell police spokeswoman Lisa Holland said Williams lost it at that point.

“He became very angry, upset, started ranting and cursing at the employees there,” she said.

The nervous employees watched him as he left.

“They saw him go into his car, went into the glove box, pulled out a gun and pointed it at the store,” Holland said.

It took investigators two years, but they tracked down Williams and charged him with making terroristic threats, Channel 2 reported.

"I'm glad they caught him,” Black said. “It's one less person we have to worry about."

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