Accused threat-maker against female cop ‘devastated’ by charges

One North Fulton man’s anger has gotten him into quite a bit of trouble.

Jason Kauti appeared in court Friday morning to face felony charges of making terroristic threats on two recent occasions.

His attorney, Jackie Patterson, told Channel 2 Action News the accusations haven’t been proven, but police dash-cam video shows his arrest.

“He’s devastated about these allegations, but he’ll get through it,” Patterson said.

Kauti was pulled over by Alpharetta police Officer C. Lawrence on July 23 for swerving on Hembree Road shortly before midnight. She described Kauti in the police report as glassy-eyed and smelling of alcohol.

“I noticed that his gaze appeared unfocused and he had a blank stare,” Lawrence wrote. “I noticed he had droopy eyes.”

He told her he had “a handful of beers” during a show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. After she put handcuffs on Kauti, Lawrence wrote in her report that he unleashed a tirade of expletives, most of which debased her as a woman.

Lawrence wrote that Kauti said, “You think you’re so protected because you’re a cop, I know folks … you (expletive). This ain’t the first time I’ve been here.”

Another officer, who took Kauti to jail, said once at the jail Kauti said he “should have put his Glock 19 in Officer Lawrence’s face and pulled the (expletive) trigger.”

Earlier that day, an Alpharetta woman Kauti after she called Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a racist.

Kauti’s next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 26.