18M gallons of raw sewage spilled into 2 South Fulton creeks

In the state’s worst raw sewage spill in over five years, more than 18 million gallons of wastewater has overflowed into two South Fulton creeks since Christmas Eve, authorities said.

A sewer pipe burst on Dec. 24 because a concrete pipe collapsed under the weight of saturated soil, David E. Clark, director of Fulton County Public Works, told Channel 2 Action News on Friday.

This was followed by another sewer pipe breaking in January, and Clark told Channel 2 he blames both breaks on too much rain and sulfuric acid, waking the concrete pipes.

“Well, it’s certainly something we’re not proud of,” Clark said. “(It’s) something we’re looking to fix as quickly as we can.”

The two leaks have constantly been spilling raw sewage into Morning and White Water creeks, the news station reported. This means a foul stench is very noticeable to residents nearby.

The department is working to install new pipes with greater structural integrity, Clark said. A chemical is also being added to a pumping station to attempt to mellow the odor.

The county will face fines for the spills, Channel 2 reported.

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