‘My civic responsibility’

“I am fully vaccinated. I am a cautious man, not immediately trusting of others. But I do have professional friends and colleagues who I have come to trust. Some of these friends are doctors, nurses, and scientists. They know their work and their field. They do not equivocate about the importance of these vaccines.

“These are not some nameless, faceless bureaucrats in whom I have blindly placed my faith. I know these professionals, both as colleagues and friends. I have come to admire their training and experience.

“I got fully vaccinated for my family and as my civic responsibility. My urgent fear is that we will not get the COVID-19 virus under control. It will continue to mutate as viruses do unless they are halted in their tracks. There will be a point when the mutations will be out of our control. We must come together as a community to combat this pandemic.”

Dr. Perry Rettig is a community contributor for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He is a former vice president at Piedmont University and is now a distinguished university professor at Piedmont.

Why I’m Vaccinated

This essay is part of our new series on the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. You are hearing from your neighbors, faith leaders and those in the business community, among others. They are sharing their personal stories – all of them with a simple and heartfelt message: Get vaccinated. Save lives.