I did it for our children and grandchildren

I was very happy that an effective COVID vaccine was developed and especially impressed with the efficacy of this vaccine. I couldn’t wait to get vaccinated in January. I also had a special reason: I had not hugged my grandchildren (under age 12) in many months, and I wanted them protected!

Recently, I got on an elevator at the grocery store with a mother and baby and another woman. The baby stared at my mask (even though the other two adults had one also). I wish the baby could have seen me smiling at her, but I think she knew when I said “I bet you wonder why we three have on masks. It’s because we want to protect you!” All three adults cheered — and the baby smiled.

I don’t remember anyone I knew objecting to polio vaccines and smallpox vaccines when those vaccines were developed. I guess more people understood it was for the greater good. Why can’t we be that way today?

Clair Muller

Credit: contributed

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Credit: contributed

Clair Muller came to Georgia to enter Agnes Scott College and moved to Buckhead Atlanta at age 21. She taught high school, did a lot of volunteer work and served on the Atlanta City Council from 1990 to 2009 and on the Atlanta Regional Commission for 14 years.