Cops: Woman drunk with 3 kids in car at 11 a.m.

A Cherokee County woman is accused of driving drunk with three children in the backseat.

Victoria Lynn Tucker, 42, was stopped around 11 a.m. Saturday when a Milton police officer spotted an SUV driving erratically on Ga. 9, according to an incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. When Tucker pulled over, she allegedly had problems opening her eyes and had slurred speech, the report states.

“I could not understand anything that the driver was saying to me,” the officer stated.

Although Tucker allegedly told the officer she was fine, the officer could smell the odor of alcohol coming from Tucker, according to police. Tucker stumbled getting out of her vehicle and fell and had trouble standing, police said.

Tucker was arrested, and the three children, including one identified as Tucker’s daughter, were released to other parents. During a search of Tucker’s Hyundai Tucson, police found additional evidence that the driver was under the influence, authorities said.

“While conducting an inventory for the vehicle, I discovered an opened plastic bottle of Smirnoff vodka, a brown paper bag and a receipt from Beverage Depot dated 10/05/2013, time stamped 10:10 a.m.,” the report states.

Tucker was charged with DUI and child endangerment, according to police. She declined to comment Monday to Channel 2 Action News.