Cops: Woman charged after threatening Coweta elementary school

A woman was arrested after she threatened to “murder all the people” at a Coweta County elementary school last week, authorities said.

Brittany Laparis Arnold, 28, of Newnan, was charged with terroristic threats in the Nov. 10 incident that put Atkinson Elementary School on a “soft lockdown,” according to a Newnan police incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The threats came near the end of the school day, but Arnold had been in contact with the school since that morning, the report said. When the school bus arrived to pick up her children, she blocked the door and shouted profanities at the bus monitor, according to the report. A few minutes later, police said Arnold let the children get on the bus and the driver left the area.

When the Coweta County bus supervisor arrived at the elementary school around 11 a.m., they went to speak to the school’s administration about the incident. The supervisor then decided not to allow Arnold’s children to ride the bus home that afternoon, the report said.

An assistant principal told police that while on the phone with Arnold to inform her that her children would not be able to ride the bus, the woman began shouting and calling her names. Arnold then said she was going to “stand in front of the bus and let it hit her” and hung up, the report said.

Later that afternoon, a school clerk told police she received a call from Arnold, who was upset her children were not on the bus. After being notified that her children were waiting at the school, Arnold said that if “she has to find a ride to Atkinson she is going to break all the windows on the bus and murder everyone in the school,” the report said.

Since there were still staff members and students at the school at the time, the campus was put on lockdown.

Sometime after the phone call with the clerk, Coweta County deputies were called to the 200 block of Beverly Park Court in Newnan regarding threats toward a school bus, the report said. Arnold was standing in front of the bus holding a broomstick, deputies said.

Though responding deputies said her threats were “unfounded,” a Newnan police lieutenant contacted them via radio and asked them to bring Arnold to the Newnan County Jail due to the terroristic threats charge against her.