Cars damaged after another metro Atlanta Kroger gets shipment of contaminated gas

Cars that fueled up at a Kroger gas station on Monday had to be towed away after the unleaded fuel was found to be contaminated — the second time this has happened at a metro Atlanta Kroger in the last week.

Channel 2 Action News reported that the Kroger Fuel Center on Ga. 20 South in Covington received a shipment of gas that had water in it.

Several drivers discovered that their cars broke down after filling up with the gas, the news station reported. Yellow bags covered the unleaded pumps Monday night.

“We're getting smoke out the tailpipe and all,” driver Robbie Webb told Channel 2. “We don’t know what’s going on.”

Kroger said it will take care of the repairs to the damaged cars.

A similar instance happened just last Friday at a Kroger Fuel Center in Cobb County. Kroger confirmed that the location had also been sent gas with water in it, causing a number of cars to stall, Channel 2 reported.

The Cobb County gas station had to be shut down after water tainted the gas.

And about three weeks ago at a BP station in Newnan, a delivery driver accidentally put diesel fuel in a gas station tank meant for regular unleaded gas, leaving more than 50 cars with engine problems.