Woman was followed 80 miles from Phipps Plaza and robbed, police say

This is footage from the woman’s driveway in Dalton during the robbery.

A woman shopping at Phipps Plaza drove more than 80 miles back to her home in Dalton before allegedly being robbed in her driveway, and police believe the robbers may have followed her from the shopping center.

According to Brittany McEntire, two men robbed her at gunpoint three weeks ago. She told Channel 2 Action News that she and her family feared for her life; her mother, husband and three children were also in the driveway.

Brittany McEntire (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

McEntire said the two men ran up the driveway and took her two Louis Vuitton diaper bags and demanded all of her jewelry, including her late father’s ring that she cherishes.

She said the whole robbery took less than a minute, but she has not regained her peace of mind.

“I could’ve lost my whole family if they had started shooting,” McEntire told Channel 2.

The suspects allegedly followed McEntire from Buckhead for about two hours in an unidentified white car, police said.

McEntire said she is unsure why she was targeted because she did not take home many bags from the store. “It was not a shopping spree,” she told Channel 2.

Police believe the men will try to follow and rob more people.

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