Shoot-out in Dunwoody shopping center

Dunwoody police fired four shots into the car of a man trying to flee from a shopping center after shoppers reported his suspicious behavior, according to witnesses.

Cliff Pough, who called 911, said the man in the then-wrecked Dodge Intrepid did not appear to have been harmed even though there was a bullet hole in his windshield, two in the driver’s window and a fourth one in the widow to the backseat.

“They [the police] were right [to shoot],” Pough said. “He was spinning out of control.”

Pough said the man, whose identity was not immediately available, was getting in and out of his car in the parking lot of the center just north of Perimeter Mall.

Pough said the man sped off when an officer tapped on his window. He slammed into a parked Pontiac and then into an SUV. Pough said the the Intrepid back up, hitting the stopped patrol car, even thought he officer was out with his gun drawn.

Lisa Spires had just taken her 3-year-old son out of her car when the the chaos started around 3:15 p.m. She was parked next to the Intrepid.

“You didn’t expect Friday afternoon to happen like this,” Spires said. “The cars. The gunfire. The crash. I was running away.”