Robbers foiled by iPhone app

Two suspects accused of robbing a Buckhead man at gunpoint didn’t make make it very far, thanks to the victim’s iPhone.

Ron Eichels told Atlanta police he was watching television around 12:30 a.m. Saturday when three men entered through his open garage door. The suspects tied Eichels up with a T-shirt and electrical cord in an upstairs bedroom, according to a statement from the APD.

The men allegedly stole three watches worth more than $60,000, credit cards, televisions, a speaker, a laptop computer, cameras, a Louis Vuitton luggage bag, cash and his iPhone, according to police. Police used Eichel’s Find My iPhone app to track the suspects to a location near a Chevron gas station on Spring Street. Officers caught two of the men, Rashawn Dickson and Andre Chambers, and recovered Eichel’s property.

The third suspect remains at large.

Police also recovered a stolen pick-up truck and two firearms.