Parents alarmed after creep hacks baby monitor, calls child lewd names

Why on earth would anyone hack into a baby monitor?

That’s what happened to a Texas couple baby who learned the hard way that any device connected to the Internet can be hacked.

Marc and Lauren Gilbert told ABC News that a stranger gave them the scare of their lives when he hacked into their baby monitor and began cursing and calling their 2-year-old daughter filthy names.

Marc Gilbert told ABC News that he was washing dishes on the evening of Aug. 10., when he heard noises coming from his daughter’s room. When he and his wife went to investigate, he said they heard a voice coming through a baby monitor that was hooked up to the home’s wireless Internet system. He said the monitor’s camera swiveled toward them and the hacker called Marc Gilbert a “stupid moron” and cursed at Lauren Gilbert.

Gilbert said he immediately pulled the device out of the wall. He said, thankfully, his daughter wasn’t disturbed by the hacker because she was born deaf, and depends on a cochlear implant.

He said he is still trying to understand how the hacking occurred, since his monitor was password-protected.

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