Former police chief apologizes for slur

The former Grantville police chief has explained his use of a racial slur by saying he was discussing a fight between a criminal and an African-American officer.

Doug Jordan, 61, resigned Monday after Grantville Mayor Jim Sells suspended him for the slur and profanity laced texts.

"When the incident occurred, I was included in a group text message session that happened late in the evening and in private," Jordan told the Newnan Times-Herald. "During that time, I made a derogatory statement describing the suspect. The officer who made the arrest has no issue with the statement. However, this does not justify what I said nor does it excuse what I said."

A disgruntled employee who was being terminated made the texts public, Jordan said.

Attempts to reach Jordan for further comment were unsuccessful.

The former chief told the Coweta County newspaper that he remained good friends with the black officer who no longer works for Grantville.

“In an effort to save the city of Grantville from further embarrassment, I have resigned my post,” Jordan told the newspaper. “I would like to sincerely apologize for my statement and wish nothing but the best for the Grantville Police Department and all citizens of our community.”