Cops: Man touched woman inappropriately at Wal-Mart

Police say a man accused of sexual assault touched a woman inappropriately at a McDonough Wal-Mart while she was shopping.

Police say Cleveland Omar Dixon, 21, pulled into the South Willow Lane store on Feb. 19 and walked toward the pharmacy.

He didn’t appear to be shopping for anything in particular, according to a police report.

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Dixon wandered down one aisle where the customer was bending over looking at items on a shelf.

“While she was bent over, (Dixon) walked over behind her and faced the same direction as her,” McDonough police Officer W. Oliver wrote in his report, “but she stood up before he got up to her.”

Oliver said Dixon paused, but then moved up behind the woman and “gently pushed himself and his pelvic area against (her butt).”

The victim told police she yelled and cursed at Dixon, who then left the store, got in his car and drove away. Oliver said she positively identified Dixon through surveillance footage.

Dixon was arrested Wednesday and faces a sexual battery charge. He was taken to the Henry County jail, but has since been released.

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