APS middle schooler accused of handing out pot edibles to other students at lunch

A middle school student is facing disciplinary action after taking “suspected marijuana edibles” to school and giving them to other students.

The eighth-grader took the marijuana-laced food to Centennial Academy and handed it out during lunch Tuesday, a letter sent to parents by the school confirmed.

Atlanta police are investigating the incident. According to a police report obtained by AJC.com, the student distributed about six marijuana cookies to at least six eighth-grade classmates.

“The administration responded immediately upon discovery and worked closely with the school nurse, our school resource officer, and the parents involved to handle the situation,” Centennial Head of School Tequila Lamar said in the letter.


Lamar said Grady Emergency Medical Services were called to the campus and students who might have eaten one of the edibles were examined.

“Due to the nature of this situation and the age of the scholars, the supervisor from ambulance services arrived as well and confirmed that all scholars were cleared to go home and vital signs were stable,” Lamar said.

At least two students were examined by Grady EMS at the scene. One other student was taken to a hospital by a parent before police arrived, and another student’s mother said she would take him in for treatment, according to the report.

Lamar said the school has levied code of conduct violations related to the possession and distribution of illegal substances to the student involved. The incident results in a mandatory 10-day suspension and might be grounds for expulsion per Centennial’s and Atlanta Public School Board of Education policies.

Lamar said any other students found to be involved “will have to go through the school discipline tribunal process.”

“Additionally, scholars facing violations related to the consumption of illegal substances will have mandatory parent meetings with our school’s leadership team,” she said.

The incident is the second in as many months in Atlanta in which a student was reported bringing drug-laced food to school.

On Valentine’s Day, 28 students at Sandtown Middle School in Fulton County were taken to local hospitals after consuming drug-laced cereal treats and falling ill.

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No criminal charges will be filed against students in that case.

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