Airbnb guests trashed, burglarized DeKalb house, police say

Luke and his husband, Rob, who did not want their last names used, are the owners of the five-bedroom house on Glenwood Avenue in DeKalb County.

Police are trying to track down the Airbnb guests who DeKalb County homeowners said stole from their house and left it a wreck.

The homeowners told police they booked their house to four guests for three nights, identifying one guest as 23-year-old Brian Williams of Fayetteville.

On the morning of the last day, they said the guests stole two flat screen televisions, a vacuum cleaner, light fixtures and several other household items.


The homeowners said the guests caused property damage and used a rock to shatter a glass pane in the back door of the house. Trash was strewn throughout the property when the guests left, they said. A police report said there was drug-related paraphernalia around the house.

A surveillance camera outside the house captured the guests carrying the TVs out of the house.

Police are hoping the video will lead to an arrest.

In other news:

The store is just a couple of blocks away from a CVS where a man was killed in a robbery earlier this month.

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