Kroger cutting its hours at Southeastern stores due to coronavirus

The store is also adding more employees

Stores Are Limiting Sales of Toilet Paper and Face Masks Due to Panic Shopping Panicked shoppers are stockpiling goods over fears of the coronavirus outbreak. Some stores have taken steps to limit the amount of toilet paper, face masks and hand sanitizer each person can buy. The epidemic has infected over 100,000 people and killed 3,300 globally. Kroger announced that it will cap individual purchases of "sanitization, cold and flu-related products." Home Depot is limiting the number of face masks

Kroger’s Southeastern stores are cutting hours in light of the coronavirus outbreak. However, the company is hiring new employees through the operational changes.

Kroger’s Atlanta Division, which includes Georgia, Eastern Alabama and South Carolina, will temporarily adjust store hours to balance the needs of customers and associates, according to a news release, which is effective Tuesday. Stores will temporarily shift service hours to 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Kroger stores in Georgia, Eastern Alabama and South Carolina continue to escalate hiring, and those in industries hardest hit by COVID-19 are encouraged to apply for open positions at The stores' staff will restock shelves after the end of customer hours.

“As of Monday, we were hoping to maintain current store hours. However, this temporary adjustment is necessary to allow our store teams time to train new associates, while focusing on additional cleaning as well as stocking our fresh, affordable food and essentials,” said Felix Turner, manager of corporate affairs for Kroger’s Atlanta Division.

“This change does not reflect issues with the supply chain. It is in response to increased customer demand and increased cleaning requirements during the COVID-19 outbreak. We want to thank our associates for their commitment to remaining on the front line of customer service as we work together to navigate this pandemic,” said Turner. “As we continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation, we strive to make decisions that balance the safety of our associates with our commitments to our customers and communities.”

Stores, including Target, Walmart and Publix, have opted to shorten store hours in the midst of health concerns.

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