Our reporting about the Development Authority of Fulton County

Credit: J. Scott Trubey

Credit: J. Scott Trubey

A June 1 investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News found that some authority members collected $200 per diem checks simply for signing official documents or for each item listed on meeting agendas.

The authority has suspended per diem following the AJC’s reporting, and Fulton commissioners are weighing what action to take.

The AJC discovered board members were paid more than $1.1 million in per diems since 2011 — including more than $800,000 paid to former directors Bob Shaw, Samuel Jolley Jr. and Walter Metze Jr. Fulton commissioners have been unable to find evidence the body ever approved the $200 DAFC board fees, calling into question whether they were ever legal.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported June 16 that appointed board members of the Development Authority of Fulton County had collected nearly $800,000 in per diem since 2015.

The AJC also reported that Fulton commissioners did not believe the county had ever set per diem for the authority, as required by law, and some said authority members should give back the money.

Development authorities operate with broad autonomy and receive little scrutiny from the public, but the boards play an outsize role in corporate recruitment and real estate projects by granting property tax breaks, the AJC has reported. Board members are typically appointed by elected leaders and tend to be connected business or political figures.

DAFC is one of the state’s biggest providers of corporate incentives, and its board rarely votes against projects.

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