Clayton County to work with ARC on making Tara Boulevard more livable

Credit: Ben Gray

Credit: Ben Gray

The Clayton County Commission on Tuesday approved entering into an agreement with Atlanta Regional Commission in making Tara Boulevard and Georgia highways 19 and 41 more livable.

The south metro Atlanta community will participate in the Aerotropolis Atlanta Livable Community Initiative Grant Program, which encourages metro Atlanta cities to develop strategies to link residents to shopping, dining and other activities via sidewalks and bike trails.

The plan is to study the feasibility of establishing a livable community initiative area on a more than 11 miles stretch of Tara Boulevard and Ga. 19 and Ga. 41. The area will be in both incorporated and unincorporated parts of Clayton County. A total of $400,000 in grant funds from the LCI Grant Program will be used to part for the study.

Clayton has increased focus on Tara Boulevard, one of the county’s longest and most-traveled thoroughfares. Part of that focus has been on revitalizing the road as an economic destination as well as improving its pedestrian safety.