Atlanta adds $28 million in PATH projects to May 2022 ballot measures

Credit: Courtesy/Atlanta Beltline

Credit: Courtesy/Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta City Council has added $28 million in PATH projects to May referendums for a $400 million infrastructure bond and the continuation of the T-SPLOST sales tax that provides $350 million in revenue.

If both measures are approved, Atlanta would use the money to pay for an array of infrastructure improvements for streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, bridges, and public facilities such as bus shelters and recreation centers. Additionally, the city will add $36 million into the council’s discretionary funds to allocate $3 million to each district.

The $28 million in PATH projects would be used support the miles of trails currently developed or maintained in part by PATH, including safety improvements along the PATH Westside Connector, PATH Westside Paper Spur Trail, the PATH Westside Beltline to AUC Connector, and the PATH400 Northern Extent.

Additional improvements on the PATH project list: the Lakewood Trail, SE Beltline Connector, the Blueway Trail, Proctor Creek Greenway Segment 4, the Peachtree Creek Greenway, the SW Beltline Connector Trail, the Trolley Trail Beltline Connection, and the Sidney Marcus Safe Street & PATH 400 Link to the Lindbergh MARTA Station.

PATH said in an email that the nonprofit will likely change the current project slate for those trails, but it will continue to advocate for improvements to all Atlanta trails.

“The PATH Foundation is thrilled to see the City of Atlanta prioritize its trail network by allocating funding to enhance local and regional connectivity to Atlanta,” said PATH Executive Director Greta deMayo in a statement.