Atlanta Public Schools urges eligible students to register to vote

Georgia voting stickers. FILE PHOTO

Georgia voting stickers. FILE PHOTO

Atlanta Public Schools recently launched a voter registration drive aimed at signing up high school students who are eligible to cast a ballot in the November election.

Officials have dubbed the effort the “APS Good Trouble Voter Campaign” in honor of the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis.

The district is working in conjunction with When We All Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit spearheaded by Michelle Obama. The national organization will provide tools and information to high school students who will serve as so-called voting “ambassadors” in their schools and in social studies classes to encourage voting among classmates.

In a video announcing the initiative, Superintendent Lisa Herring said the goal is to register “all of our students who have turned 18 years of age.”

Said school board Chairman Jason Esteves: “Amid the current election season, Atlanta Public Schools strongly supports and encourages civic engagement. This starts with voter registration.”

The Nov. 3 presidential election is a teacher training day in the Atlanta school district. Students will not attend classes on Election Day.