Atlanta corporation a good Samaritan to those stranded by the storm

Dawn Minecci was three and a half hours into a fruitless attempt to pick up her child and get home Tuesday afternoon when she pulled her car off clogged northside roads into a corporate parking lot around 4 p.m.

She didn’t get to her house in Cobb County until Wednesday afternoon, but thanks to a local company her marathon travel experience was a positive one. That’s because Minecci stopped at the headquarters offices of Global Payments Inc., a Fortune 1000 payment processor on Glenlake Parkway near Ga 400 in Atlanta, where she once worked.

Minecci, who is finance director for the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, was just hoping to get a bathroom break. She and a dozen other adults who came in off the street plus two small children, as well as some stranded employees, got a lot more: dinner in the company’s cafeteria; overnight sleeping space with blankets, cots, pillows and toiletries provided; a full hot breakfast in the morning; and one more meal, lunch, as the roads were finally clearing.

The parents of the two children even got some diapers, picked up at a local Target.

“They went above and beyond,” said Minecci, whose child was taken home by a friend. “You wouldn’t expect such hospitality from such a big company.”

“We weren’t going to turn anyone in need away,” said Amy Corn, senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Global Payments.